A SAUCHIE woman has raised crucial funds for Poppyscotland by selling hand-crafted dog collar flowers for pooches.

Rebekah Weir felt compelled to help servicemen and women after realising the impact lockdown will have on the charity.

Poppyscotland is likely to face severe financial difficulties this year, with coronavirus restrictions preventing poppy collections in person for the first time.

The University of Stirling student was able to call on dog lovers from all over the UK to help after starting a Facebook page for cocker spaniel owners last year.

And, thanks to the online community's support almost £1300 has been raised selling red and purple poppies remembering the fallen soldiers and animals who lost their lives in war.

Rebekah, 20, told the Advertiser: "It was a bit of a last-minute thing, but I'd seen a few posts online saying that Poppyscotland was really struggling because they can't do their normal collections.

"It was nothing that I'd really thought about before, but I realised that this is how they get most of their money.

"So, I thought I could get people to help on the Facebook group I set up, which has 3,000 members.

"I originally ordered 50 poppies at first, but I ended up selling over 500 to people all over the UK.

"People were just going mental and everybody wanted them."

Rebekah was supplied with the poppies from a business that had been displaying them at her local dog groomers.

She added: "I had to keep asking for more, but the woman just couldn't physically keep up with the number of orders.

"I've just been blown away by the amount of support – I mean, I didn't even think I'd sell 50.

"But I think everyone has realised that charity is suffering and it so nice to see everyone coming together.

"And also it marks the fact that lots of animals lost their lives in the war too.

"Thank you to everyone that supported this and purchased a poppy for their dog."