GENEROUS members of the Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton and Devonside Community Council have been showing their appreciation to the essential workers of the area.

The Co-op produced gift boxes for community council groups, and it was local Co-op pioneer Donna Grey who nominated the TCD community council, who then decided who would be the lucky recipients.

There were no stipulations for who could receive the boxes, so the community council split the boxes into three categories: NHS workers, care-home workers and students from the area studying away from home.

However, when they got out into the community, more groups were nominated, including essential services such as fire officers.

Damian Sherwood-Johnson, of the community council, said: "We received 67 nominations and 67 boxes went out. People were really touched and really appreciated being recognised and valued in this way."

The boxes were filled with treats such as tablet, fruit slices, biscuits and tea, all the essentials for a break.

Damian continued: "I think it's just amazing, it keeps people going, it just brings a community together and really helps with resilience.

"I think people have just been battering on for so long now, to give this recognition from their community just to appreciate all they've done is uplifting.

"There's been this lull where we've came out of the first wave and things have settled down, but all those essential workers are still going.

"It was just to say while it's not at [people's] immediate attention, we still remember them and still value what they do."

Diane Clark, of Trust Housing in Tillicoultry, said they were really appreciative and touched that they received a gift box and to even be nominated.

She said: "We were really thrilled to receive the gift box and highly delighted to be nominated. It comes as a big surprise.

"It's nice that the person nominated us and took the time to do that. It means a lot to us.

"It lifted our spirits no end."

Also receiving the gift boxes were university students from the area who have moved away from home to study.

Damian added: "With the university students, it was just people from our community who have come to somewhere different who might be feeling lonely or isolated, so it was just our way from the community of saying we haven't forgotten you."