A LIFE-SAVING public access device is available in Cambus thanks to the fundraising efforts of Rotarians in Alloa.

Alloa Rotary Club members were delighted to unveil a public access external defibrillator on the walls of The Tearoom at Cambus.

While Covid-19 means the club had to cancel a number of events, members are still busy and have been carrying out fundraising activities to add to the growing list of such devices in the Wee County.

The club was delighted to team up with The Tearoom's John, whose restaurant is in an ideal location for the device.

Indeed, it is understood it is the first public access defibrillator, along with an external cabinet, to go up in the village – along a route poplar with walkers and visitors.

Geoff Storer, president at Alloa Rotary, told the Advertiser: "One of our members, John MacPherson, was the lead on this and ran several events that raised money for the funds.

"We have managed to negotiation with The Tearoom at Cambus that that's a suitable site; it's a place that a lot of walkers and cyclists go past, we think it is a useful place to have a defibrillator.

"We think they are very important and something that needs to be widely distributed across the communities.

"We hope that this one will never be used but it's in a place where it could be helpful in a possible emergency."

In a cardiac arrest emergency, people should call 999 immediately and will be directed to the nearest available device.