A TULLIBODY shop is looking to put smiles on children's faces this Christmas with a charity collection.

Eddie Grattan, owner at Ed's Independent Traders on Tron Court, has started a charity box for customers to help a gift in the Wee County this December.

The idea came after he heard from his partner about a long list of children, at Alloa Family Centre, who are set not to receive a gift this Christmas.

Ed – whose shop buys and sells video games, handheld consoles and more – told the Advertiser: "The list of kids that are [set to be] getting nothing this year is just so much bigger than any other year.

"I just felt that with the shop that I've got – kids love coming into the shop because of all the games, consoles and all the different types of things I've got here – I just thought I had a good platform to start a collection."

The independent shop owner has started the charity appeal box off himself with various handheld and arcade games consoles as well as action figures.

Customers can purchased items at half price if they are donating to the box and Ed willl deliver it all to Alloa Family Centre.

People can head into the shop to buy anything for the box or pay via Paypal or by bank transfer.

Ed can be contacted on 07508 396 057.