PEOPLE in the Wee County are being urged to take advantage of an online tool after a poll revealed the financial impact of coronavirus.

Clackmannanshire Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is encouraging residents in the area to check out its Money Map tool after nationwide research revealed that nearly half of people in Scotland have run out of money before payday since Covid-19 restrictions began.

The research by the wider Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) network also revealed that around a third of people from this group have seen their finances worsen during this time.

Importantly, the poll by YouGov and CAS showed that 18 per cent of the people who have been running out of money before payday had no financial difficulties before the pandemic hit the country.

Jonny Miller, managing director at Clacks CAB, said: "The coronavirus pandemic has meant a period of huge economic uncertainty for people in Clackmannanshire.

"Given how many people were on a financial cliff edge before the virus struck, living from payday to payday and just making enough to cover essential bills, it's clear that Covid is pushing substantial numbers of people into debt and destitution.

"That's why we are promoting the Money Map tool, which brings together all the helpful online advice and options that are out there for people who are feeling the squeeze on their finances.

"The tool is for anyone and everyone impacted financially by the virus and it covers a whole range of opportunities to increase income, cut costs and get in control of your personal and household finances."

Clacks residents looking for one-to-one support, or those who are unable to use the internet, can still access the same advice via or by calling 01259 219404.

Money Map brings together all the options on how people can improve and maximise their incomes while cutting living costs.

It looks at areas of housing, benefits, grants, energy bills and more, directing people to online sites to access further information.

The tool is hosted at and allows people to create a personalised list of options relevant to them.