A CLACKS man sent a racist message to a Chinese restaurant in Alloa then told police he had done so "because of this coronavirus".

Rodney Jarvis, 44, was sentenced for one charge of improper use of a communications network at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, November 19.

Prosecutor Susannah Hutchison said the restaurant's Facebook page received a message from Jarvis at around 12noon on April 16.

The message said: "You're a f******g, c****y, dirty b*****d."

Someone working for the restaurant sent a reply indicating they would contact police.

Jarvis sent a further message, which said: "I'm so sorry, I'm having a bad day."

Police were contacted and later attended at Jarvis' house, and when they arrived he said: "This is about calling someone a c****y on Facebook."

Officers asked him why he had sent the message, and he said: "Because of this coronavirus."

He added: "I don't want to have a charge; it was just a mistake."

Jarvis pleaded guilty to the offence when the case first called in court earlier this year.

Solicitor Alastair Ross told the court last week his client had "significant personal difficulties" and "clearly needs support".

He added: "He's a man who acts impulsively, and almost immediately regrets what he has done."

Referring to a background criminal justice social work report prepared ahead of sentencing, the defence agent also claimed further examination of Jarvis may be necessary.

He outlined there were concerns regarding Jarvis' personal capacity, and said some assessment into that may assist the court.

Sheriff Craig Harris agreed further investigation was necessary, and said the result of that "could clearly have significant implications" in relation to any sentence imposed.

The sheriff then deferred sentencing Jarvis, of Bridge Terrace, Alloa, until February 11 next year so further assessments could be carried out.