A WEE COUNTY youngster has handed over a huge haul of essentials to a foodbank after holding a successful fundraiser in aid of those in need this Christmas.

Tullibody's Amelia Hollingworth, 3, decided to gather her own pennies and ask others for theirs in a bid to help The Gate this festive season.

Dad Matthew, 26, says his wee one managed to raise a staggering £180 as a result, and that money went towards a huge shopping haul for the Alloa-based charity.

He told the Advertiser: "Every year we try to do something to let her know there's people less well-off than herself.

"Last year we did a big toy collection.

"This year, with so many people losing their jobs, she said she'd seen an advert on the TV and said that's really sad.

"So, we said why don't we do something.

"We explained foodbanks to her – as best as you can to a three-year-old – and said why don't we collect some pennies and get some food for people who don't have as much as us.

"She put her own money in, and she asked friends and family and we raised £180."

The family then approached The Gate and asked what they needed, and were told that most essentials were required.

After that, they stopped by Morrisons for a huge shopping trip – with the store kindly offering a 15 per cent discount which helped add to their haul.

Matthew said: "We just filled the car up with as much shopping as we could, and we took it down today [Monday, November 30] and Amelia was in her element.

"She was absolutely over the moon. She was smiling away, running to the car and back to the door with boxes of cereal – it was the only thing light enough for her to carry.

"The Gate were delighted. I don't think they realised how much shopping there was.

"They were really lovely; one of them gave Amelia a wee chocolate bunny to say thank you. It was really sweet.

"She was trying to help as much as she could. She's a happy wee soul."

To make a donation to The Gate, call 01259 218766 or email marie@the-gate-charity.org