A SCAM warning has gone out in the Forth Valley after fraudsters gain access to a resident's computer and bank account.

The warning, sent out by Neighbourhood Watch, explained a Forth Valley resident received a call from some purporting to be from Amazon.

The report said: “They claimed that there had been fraudulent activity on his account and he was due a refund.

“They then asked him to press button 1 and be transferred to a supposed Amazon employee who would deal with the refund.

“It then escalated from there and he was asked to turn on his computer to facilitate the refund and complete a form.

“After some time he then realised they had breached his firewall.

“They had gained access to his bank account because they had taken control of his computer.

“He cancelled all of his cards but it could had been catastrophic. He could not shut down his computer.”

The scam is said to be “widespread” and people are being advised that they will not receive a call if they are due a refund.

Meanwhile, there was a second report of “unusual activity whereby what looked like delivery couriers were approaching houses and were seen to be trying to find unlocked doors”.

The warning added: “Be on the lookout for strangers in your area and what they might be up to.

“The massive increase in shopping online especially as Christmas approaches could be rich picking for the criminal out there looking for any opportunity to steal.”

People are being advised to keep gifts out of view and make sure their doors are locked, even if they are only popping out for a couple of minutes.

Make homes look occupied when out, for instance by using timer switches for lights to go on and off.

Residents in the area are also advised not to share too much information on social media as criminals are increasingly using sites such as Twitter and Facebook to identify potential targets.

When expecting a delivery, make sure there is someone home to receive it.

People are advised not to give permission for packages to be left on the doorstep.

Anyone who has been a victim of a scam should call police on 101.

If a crime is taking place if there are fears for people's safety, call 999.