AN MSP has demanded action is taken over the lack of tactile walkway for blind passengers at the edge of a Stirling train station platform.

The city's elected rep Bruce Crawford was contacted about the issue by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, which was itself contacted by a local who faced difficulties at the station.

In a letter sent to Scotrail, Mr Crawford said: "As part of her ongoing support, my constituent was taken out to refresh her long cane skills and found that she could not detect the edge of the platform at all just using the long cane, despite being a skilled long cane user.

"It is also my understanding that on most occasions my constituent travels with her guide dog who has been able to keep her at a safe distance from the platform edge, but without him she felt very vulnerable."

Mr Crawford also pointed to the worn away Hi-Vis yellow paint along the station platform, which poses a risk to older people and carers of small children.

He said: "This is a pretty serious matter; all passengers deserve to feel that their safety is the primary concern of the train operator.

"Sadly, some have been left to feel that this is not the case at Stirling train station.

"Huge work has been undertaken to make the train station much more accessible to people of all abilities and disabilities.

"The station platforms being left in such as state undermines that.

"I hope that managing director Alex Hynes takes seriously my representations to him, and that work starts as soon as possible to have the proper tactile flooring installed at all points of the station platform, as well as to upgrade the hi-vis paint that should be there to keep people safe."

In response to Mr Crawford's letter, a Scotrail spokesperson said: "I note you have been contacted by The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association concerning platforms nine and ten at Stirling station.

"I acknowledge the concerns raised by the association about the lack of tactile and the yellow lines along the platforms.

"Any tactile work would be undertaken by Network Rail, who I have alerted to this issue.

"Their works delivery team are carrying out some work on platforms nine and ten in February and hope to have the yellow lines repainted then."