A WEE COUNTY community champion has reflected on a successful December and is already gearing up for another busy year.

Jayne Lindfield, Morrison's community champion, just started the job less than five months ago, but she's already thrown herself into the role.

In December alone, she raised more than £900 for cancer charity CLIC Sargent, donated toys to Home Start UK and Alva Development Trust and made grab bags for community groups.

She also gave Christmas trees to care homes, hampers to veterans and the elderly and so much more.

Furthermore, before Jayne was Morrison's community champion, she worked in the store on the shop floor and Charlie, a regular customer, was always telling her about his neighbour Jean who was isolating.

Charlie always hoped that when Covid was defeated, Jean would be able to come into the shop and meet Jayne.

However, Jayne didn't want to wait and so she decided to take a hamper to Jean, who burst into tears, saying "I thought this only happened on the telly."

Jayne said: "It was just lovely, it was so nice. That's probably one of the nicest things for me."

At the beginning of December, Jayne began fundraising for charity through a number of activities.

She organised a lucky cups competition in store, where a customer chooses a cup and if it has a snowball in it, they win a prize.

She also made reindeer dust, reindeer noses and hot chocolates. She thinks she made about 600 and sold them for £1 each, raising more than £900 for CLIC Sargent, a cancer charity, in the process.

When Jayne first started as Community Champion, she reached out to the community groups that were already benefitting from the initiative and asked what else they needed.

She thinks she now sells around 400 grab bags a week in store which go to local community groups in need.

"We've got a good connection with everyone," Jayne said. "I've only been in the job four-and-a-half months and we're doing really well, I think we're doing really well."

She continued: "I've loved it; you're going out every day and you're giving out presents or you're helping people.

"You're giving things away and trying to make things better for people."

"I like giving things away and seeing people's faces; it's only wee things, but it's nice."

After such a whirlwind start to her new role, Jayne isn't letting up and is already preparing for another busy year.

She said: "I'm hoping it's better for everyone and we'll just help out where we can.

"I've told all my groups and my schools that we'll be there because they need us."

Jayne wishes to thank all her colleagues and customers who have supported her in her role to help the community.