WORKERS at Alloa's B&M store are in line for an extra week's wages in recognition of the hard work carried out throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The firm said the bonus for staff was a reward for their efforts during the "exceptional challenges" of the last nine months.

The gesture has been welcomed by shopworkers' trade union Usdaw.

Dave Gill, Usdaw national officer, said: "It's been a tough time for retail staff, so we are pleased to have secured this bonus for our members in B&M.

"They are providing an essential service, that we all rely on, and they deserve our support, respect and appreciation.

"So, we very much welcome B&M's recognition of the work their staff are doing in these difficult times.

"We continue to call on the company to revisit the support provided for extremely vulnerable colleagues and are always working to improve health and safety.

"Retail staff are dealing with the public every day and are not only suffering increased abuse, but are also deeply worried about catching Covid-19.

"That must be taken into account by the government when assessing risk levels and priority for vaccines and testing.

"So, we are calling on the government to ensure that retail workers are given priority, because they provide the essential service of keeping the nation fed."

The bonus will be awarded to all salaried or hourly paid store and distribution staff below the level of deputy manager who have been employed by the company since the first lockdown in March.