WHAT would Scotland be without its love of traditions? Every year on 25 January, Burns Night celebrates and pays homage to our beloved bard Robert Burns. Despite being in lockdown, the patriotic spirit and being felt throughout the country this year, with more Scots finding fun alternative ways to have their own suppers at home. Whether you opt for a wee dram to accompany your haggis, neeps and tatties, join an online event, treat yourself to a catered meal or Scottish sweet treat, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Scottish culture and out national poet.

The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet is committed to brightening up Alternate Burns Night celebrations, inviting you to introduce a new flair to the proceedings and think outside the box with original twists on not just the traditional Burns Supper but the good auld Scotch drink itself that accompanies it.

At The Glenlivet, they always uphold the importance of their own heritage as a brand and their place in Scottish history and whisky production. That said, The Glenlivet also embrace the notion of ‘Original by Tradition’, a concept which looks toward the positioning of our national drink and ourselves as whisky drinkers, always willing to break down conventions of what a single malt should be and focusing more on what it can be.

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George Smith, began as an illicit distiller in the Livet Valley with his Glenlivet whisky that quickly became highly regarded – one fan being King George IV, who requested a drop of the illicit dram during his royal visit to Scotland in 1822. After the Excise Act of 1823 came into law however, Smith opted to purchase a licence for his operation, making it the first of its kind in the valley.

One of the finest ways to enjoy The Glenlivet is with friends and family, whether this is in real life or virtually for now.

How do we want to celebrate and honour the traditions of the holiday whilst acknowledging that it will be more unconventional than in previous years? Well, perhaps we can we enjoy a Burns cocktail masterclass this year using The Glenlivet? Or even a cook along with friends over Zoom to create new twists on the traditional Burns Supper? Venison and Roasted Pineapple skewers paired with a beautiful The Glenlivet 12 Old Fashioned? Haggis Croquette Tacos with a Caribbean Reserve Tartan Tiki? Perhaps some of the recipes below will inspire you even further.

Sláinte Mhath!


Spiced Spey Coffee:

40ml The Glenlivet 12
15ml Liquid Chocolate
10ml Demerara Sugar Syrup*
75ml Filter Coffee
1 pinch of Cayenne Pepper
40ml of Lightly Whipped Double Cream

Warm a small wine glass with boiling water, allow to sit for a minute and pour out. Add the chocolate, whisky, coffee, syrup and cayenne pepper together in a heated glass and stir lightly. Once the ingredients are mixed, gently pour the cream over the back of a spoon to create a creamy layer on top, then garnish with chocolate shavings and another small pinch of cayenne pepper for kick. Cosy up on the sofa and embrace true indulgence.

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Tartan Tiki:

50ml The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve
25ml Pineapple Juice
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
Top with London Essence White Peach and Jasmine Soda

Build all ingredients except for the Peach Soda in a tall glass and add ice. Top with Peach Soda and garnish with a slice of Orange and a Pineapple Leaf. Dig out your sunglasses, take a long sip and be immediately transported to warmer climes.



Aldomak is a Scottish confectionery business established in 1932 in Glasgow, when Snowball making was at its heart. Today Aldomak makes Scottish tablet, fudge and macaroon for a wide array of independents, supermarkets, the tourist trade, and businesses across Scotland.  Aldomak has also branched out into making Handmade Meringues, but they still make ‘quite possibly’ the best handmade Snowballs in the land.

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Aldomak is proud of its handmade artisanal credentials and over the years the company has spent time perfecting traditional recipes and scaling these recipes into large batches, whereby the confectioners pour and cut these by hand, to retain rustic products customers love.

You can find Aldomak tablet, fudge and confectionery online, and they can be delivered swiftly to your door for any event, as they are sure there shall be much Zooming for Burns Nights.

Aldomak was recently awarded several Great Taste Awards for their Bonnie Glen Vanilla Fudge and Butter Tablet, and a prestigious two star for their Confectious Fudge in 2020 which brightened up a very challenging year.

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You can also find plenty of reviews of the Bonnie Glen and Confectious ranges on Amazon.

Aldomak MD Dario Riccomini says: “2020 has seen a big adjustment in how confectionery lovers are getting hold of their sweet fix, and we have gained a lot of new customers from our award wins, whilst ensuring every customer get freshly prepared product delivered to their door.”



Aldomak Ltd, 1 Burnfield Avenue, Glasgow, G46-7TL

Tel 0141 637 0800

Email shop@aldomak.co.uk


Five March

Five March have teamed up with the mighty Glenfiddich to brighten up Burns night after a fearfully gloomy start to the new year. The perfect excuse to make working from home, work for you.

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Crack out a tumbler and raise a glass to Rabbie, it’s patriotic after all. 

After dinner, you’re invited to join an online tasting with the Glenfiddich team who have kindly provided a flight of their 12,15 & 18-year-old whiskeys as ample after-dinner drinks. 

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Three-courses and a flight of Glenfiddich - the week rarely starts so well!

Monday 25th January only, limited spaces, please order through the Dine at Home section of the Five March website (www.fivemarch.co.uk/dineathome)


Lindores Abbey Distillery

The first ever written record of Scotch whisky production is a command from King James IV to Friar John Cor of Lindores Abbey. The Exchequer Roll of 1494 reads: “To Brother John Cor, 8 bolls of malt, wherewith to make aqua vitae for the King.” Eight bolls of malt would be enough to make approximately 400 bottles of whisky, so production was clearly continuing apace at Lindores Abbey.

Today, a mere 526 years after the King’s order, whisky is once again flowing at its spiritual home. Lindores Abbey Distillery, situated outside Newburgh, Fife, opened in 2017 following years of campaigning and fundraising work by the Abbey’s custodians, Drew and Helen McKenzie Smith. The distillery is a glass-fronted temple to whisky, with soaring copper stills and complicated distilling machinery buzzing away while overlooking the beautiful ruins of Lindores Abbey, where the story of whisky began.

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It has been a tantalising wait for the whisky to come of age since the first casks were filled in 2017. On 20 December this year the spirit finally reached its 3rd birthday and the distillery is turning its thoughts to bottling.

A limited edition release is a must-have for any whisky lover, but the opportunity to procure a bottle of the first ever release from the spiritual home of Scotch whisky is the stuff that whiskyphile dreams are made of. Only 1,494 bottles of the first release from Lindores Abbey Distillery will be filled, and they will be available exclusively to members of the 1494 Society.

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The society aims to bring whisky lovers together and welcome them from across the globe to join us on the Lindores journey. Members not only receive a bottle of the exclusive first edition whisky, but invitations to events, a tree planted in the abbey orchards, free entry to the distillery for life, and first offer on all future limited edition bottlings.

For some however, a bottle will simply not suffice. It is for this reason that Lindores offer the largest variety of casks for private sale, all of which can be tailored to your precise specifications. Their cask custodians are happy to match you with your dream cask and look after your future whisky while it matures.

Slàinte mhath!



South Ayrshire Council

The Robert Burns Humanitarian Award is a globally-respected honour bestowed annually on a group or individual who shows selflessness and dedication in a bid to save, enrich or improve the lives of others through the protection and promotion of human rights and work to deliver social reform.

Named in honour of Scotland’s son, Robert Burns, this much sought after humanitarian award applauds the efforts of people who bring hope and inspiration, often in desperate situations, and help change lives for the better.

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A Doctor dedicated to helping people in war torn Sri Lanka, a performer reaching out to those battling addiction and a humanitarian bringing the latest cancer therapies to the Third World, are all in the running for this year's Robert Burns Humanitarian Award (RBHA).

Part of the annual Burns an' a' that! Festival celebrations, the RBHA is supported by South Ayrshire Council.  This prestigious award recognises courage, commitment, inspiration and hands-on humanitarian efforts from people of any nationality, race, age or gender.

With Burns night nearly upon us, Dr Varatharajah Thurairajah, Mark Williamson and Dr Alexander Paterson have all been shortlisted as finalists for the RBHA 2021.

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Peter Henderson, Chair of the RBHA judging panel, and Leader of South Ayrshire Council, said: "As always, the calibre of nominees was extremely high. It’s been difficult to decide on a final three, but this trio shone through. Between them, they have saved countless lives, either directly or indirectly and they are an inspiration. I am looking forward to the end of January when the winner will be announced.”

The winner of the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award will be announced via an online ceremony on Monday 25 January – further details will be announced on the Events & Festivals Facebook page (link below). This year’s ceremony will also feature the world famous Gregg Fiddle.

As well as the RBHA 2021 title, winners receive the equivalent of 1759 guineas (approximately £1,800) – a sum which signifies the year of the Bard's birth and the coinage in circulation at that time.

Robert Burns Award - www.south-ayrshire.gov.uk/burnsaward/

Events & Festivals FB - www.facebook.com/southayrshireeventsfestivals

Goudie Collection - youtu.be/tpMe7QE6WfE

Museum at Home – www.south-ayrshire.gov.uk/galleries


SBH Scotland Set to Host World’s Biggest Online Burns Supper

Specialist charity, Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland (SBH Scotland) is joining forces with international superstar Fran Healy, as well as Scottish comedians Janey Godley and Fred MacAulay to host the world’s biggest virtual Burns supper for free on Monday 25 January at 7pm.

The charity is working with partners across the globe to bring the virtual experience to as many people as possible. The world’s largest ever ‘in person’ Burns supper had 900 guests, and SBH Scotland hope that through the power of digital technology they will reach many more. 

Although online, viewers can expect all the trimmings of a traditional Burns evening. The Address to a Haggis will feature alongside the main tribute to Burns, the Immortal Memory, recited by Comedian Bruce Fummey. Funny-man, and host of the event, Fred MacAulay, delivers the Toast to the Lassies as Janey Godley, who became a social media sensation after creating parody videos of Nicola Sturgeon during lockdown, will then give the reply.

Janey Godley said: “Scotland might be back in lockdown, but that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating the life of one of our greatest ever treasures.  We have some fantastic acts lined up who will be bringing some much-needed cheer during these difficult times, all while raising vital funds for a very important cause.

“The event is free to attend and I am looking forward to joining my fellow Scots around the globe for what we hope will be the world’s biggest Burns Supper.”

Travis front-man Fran Healy will perform Auld Lang Syne, while Scotland’s foremost Robert Burns re-enactor, Christopher Tait, will recite Tam o’Shanter. Other famous faces have also sent in their own Burns contributions.

The virtual event, which has only been made possible through the support of Scottish businesses Grant’s Haggis, Endura Cycle Apparel and Chisholm Hunter, is free to attend, with donations encouraged through the silent auction and raffle. The event is also supported by EventScotland through Scotland’s Events Recovery Fund.

SBH Scotland’s 2021 Burns event will go live at 7pm on Monday 25 January 2021 on its YouTube channel www.youtube.com/user/ScottishSpinaBifida and Facebook channel www.facebook.com/SBHScotland/ The pre-recorded programme will also be available to view for one week.

Visit www.sbhscotland.org.uk/burns for information and updates on how you can get involved.



Raise a dram with your own personal video message delivered by a famous Scottish hero.

This Burns Night, wish your friends and family Auld Lang Syne, by sending them, Mr ‘Rabbie’ Burns himself.

On Valentines Day, surprise your love with a tall tale from Rob Roy MacGregor.

Argyll’s own award-winning, Walking Theatre Company (TWTC), have created this unique actor led gift experience, made entirely personal by what you want to say.

Each video message is performed and filmed by our professional team, capturing a personalised slice of Scotland. Delivered by email and sent across the globe.

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TWTC specialises in connecting people and place through their work throughout the UK, performing anywhere. So, while they wait for the day when they can all walk with you on an adventure together, they are celebrating online.

Scripted, lavishly costumed, and immediately Scottish, your five minute short film brings Scotland’s past to life, wishing ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Congratulations’, ‘Thinking of You’, or a ‘Wish You Were Here’ from Scotia’s bonny shores. 

Reach out to those you can’t be with in person, send a Clanagram.

Order now for Burns Night with a one-of-a-kind message from the Bard himself. Available all year.

For the children in your life, send a ‘OnceUponaGram’. Let Robin Hood, Snow White, or any of our story tale folk, send your personal virtual keepsake.

Visit www.clanagram.com to order your Clanagram today.

Choose which famous face you want to send your message, enter the details and let The Walking Theatre Company do the rest.

£19.99 – Quote ‘bestofscotland for 10% off!