COVID-19 vaccinations are being administered across Clackmannanshire, with one health centre almost halfway through their alphabetical list.

Dollar Health Centre announced last Friday, January 15, that they had administered more than 100 vaccines to their patients aged 80 and over, and were on the letter L of their alphabetical list.

Keen to get as many people vaccinated as possible, Fiona McGirr, the practice manager, told the Advertiser they were literally making every drop count.

She said: "We anticipated that we would get all our vaccine at once, but that's not how it's panned out so we only got 100 doses.

"We managed to vaccinate more than 100 people because some vials were overfilled a little bit so you can get an extra dose: we used every single last drop of it.

"We were phoning people with 5-10 minutes notice asking if they could pop down: our patients were all delighted."

The vaccine is a huge cause for celebration, but for some of the practice's patients, getting theirs was a very special day.

Fiona continued: "It was quite touching that you were phoning some people and it's the first time they've been out the house since February.

"They were more than happy to come down and have it."

The first administration "ran like clockwork", Fiona said.

However, she explained that the biggest issue – as is the case for so many health boards at the moment – is the supply.

She continued: "We put a lot of thought into our planning to keep people safe and distant.

"The problem is delivery," she added. "We're ready to vaccinate; we just can't get our hands on any more, and it's trying to be prepared for when it's arrived.

"It arrived [last] Tuesday lunchtime, we spent Tuesday afternoon and all of Wednesday phoning those 100 patients and vaccinated all through Thursday.

"We're trying to vaccinate as soon as it comes in."

Appointments are understandably taking longer than something like a standard flu jab, with the entire room having to be cleaned after every dose.

However, there are no complaints from the team, who are pleased to the see the end is in sight.

Fiona continued: "Our patients have been absolutely brilliant. Hopefully, the light is at the end of a very long tunnel."

The practice manager added that patients should not contract their GP surgery as they will be contacted by the practice or the health board when their vaccine is ready.

She also asked future patients coming for theirs to arrive as close to their appointment time as possible, and wear a short sleeved last layer for ease of access to their arm.