SAUCHIE boss Fraser Duncan says the club are raring to go as soon as possible and want to continue the form they were showing at the tail end of last year.

The club haven’t played a competitive match this year, with their last fixture – a 2-1 victory away to Crossgates in the league – coming just before Christmas on December 19.

With the local restrictions in place and the Scottish Football Association suspending all Scottish football under Championship level, the club are doing everything they can to keep the players sharp for if and when it returns.

Duncan said: “It’s just difficult, it’s obviously quite hard because we can’t do anything. We’re having to, there’s a fair bit of trust involved, so we’re having to just trust the players are looking after themselves.

“A lot of the guys are still at work so they’re still keeping relatively active, others have been sending in their times when they’ve been going for a run via Strava and the Nike Running app.

“We’ve just been testing ourselves, we’ll do a wee competition to see who’s the quickest to run 100 metres and who’s the fastest doing a 5k or a 10k run.

“I am a wee bit cautious with the weather not being great, I don’t want to pick up any injuries so I’ve just told the guys to be careful and watch what they’re doing.”

One positive to come of the extended break is the return of almost every player to the squad.

Duncan continued: “Alan [Comrie]’s injury just doesn’t seem to be clearing up at the moment but we’re going to get him to the physio and then to maybe see a specialist because it just doesn’t seem to be clearing up.

“The rest of the squad are fully fit and we want to keep it that way when we go back. It’s going to be a real headache for me when we do go back because I’ve got 21 players who all want to play.”

Sauchie were hitting some good form and Duncan wants the season to continue to see how far his team can go.

“We’re looking good,” he continued. “I’m really hoping that the season does start back up because I think we’re in a good place, we’ve got a good squad and I think we’ll have a say in what happens in the league.

“I think we’ve got a strong enough squad to be in the top five or six teams.”