MOUNTAIN rescue volunteers in the Wee County are reporting “fairly significant” avalanche activity in the Ochils.

The Ochils Mountain Rescue Team (OMRT) has shared safety advice following recent snowfall in Clackmannanshire and the wider area.

In a social media statement, the team said: “Whilst we normally associate this risk with higher mountains in the Highlands, the truth is avalanches can occur anywhere there is a slope and some snow - we definitely tick both boxes just now.”

Members of the team reported on two patches of avalanche debris observed over the weekend.

A picture taken from the A823 through Glen Devon showed how a small amount of snow stopped just short of the road.

A second avalanche was observed by a farmer on Bishop Hill.

OMRT said: “On both occasions, the avalanches have occurred on slopes that have had large amounts of snow dropped onto them by the wind; in these cases west-facing slopes, due to the recent easterly winds.

“The trigger has probably been a cornice (overhang of snow) that has collapsed as the temperature has increased in the last day or two.”

The statement was issued over the weekend and more snow has hit the area since, including on lower ground.

OMRT added: “Try to avoid steep, snow-loaded slopes at the moment.

“A slope angle of 30-45 degrees is most associated with avalanches, though it is possible on less steep ground too.

“Avoid going anywhere near a slope with a cornice at the top of it too.”

People can visit for further information and advice about avalanches.