THE saga of abandoned Greenfield House has "gone on long enough" – with one MSP suggesting an accident at the site is waiting to happen.

Alexander Stewart has joined forces with Alloa Community Council, sharing concerns over the iconic building, which remains undeveloped after being sold by the local authority.

It comes after a group of so-called urban explorers entered the fenced-off building, uploading a YouTube video of their exploits.

Mr Stewart, MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, said: "With the latest revelation that a YouTube video has now been published online showing how to gain access with a detail of the interior as it sits now, it shows how a once-beautiful building which had so much potential has become a blot on the landscape and is a serious accident waiting to happen."

Reverend Jason Lingiah, chair of Alloa Community Council, said that the town has been "let down" by the council when it sold to a buyer "who has no interest in developing the site".

He added: "The immediate concern that is the building is unsecured and a child could have an accident in there as well as being a magnet for antisocial behaviour.

"However, the long term issue is that Clackmannanshire Council require to take responsibility for their actions, along with the owner, along with the Scottish ministers and Historic Environment Scotland in their letting of this historic and iconic building in Alloa's history go to ruin."

Cllr Craig Holden, spokesman for environment and housing at the council, explained that the decision to sell was "taken in the best interests of Clackmannanshire" as it was hoped it would safeguard the building while providing high quality sheltered housing.

Mr Holden said: "Hindsight is a wonderful thing and had we known at the time that the building would have languished without development then I am sure a different way forward would have been sought."

He confirmed that external inspections are carried out regularly and that despite the time gone by, "it appears that the building remains in remarkably good condition".

Cllr Holden added: "Whilst this is welcome news, planning and building standards powers only become available after significant building defects occur.

"However, the building is clearly at risk of immediate damage and deterioration by being open to unauthorised access and this is something we are currently seeking to address with the owner and Police Scotland."

He confirmed council officers will continue to assess "the appropriateness of serving notices".

The elected member continued: "As service spokesperson I wish to make clear that I share the concern of many people in Alloa and beyond at the deterioration of Greenfield House.

"I can confirm that I have asked officers to investigate all options available to us including the possibility of a Compulsory Purchase Order.

"I must stress, however, that all options carry a degree of risk and can only be pursued with reference to specific legal requirements and consideration of the financial implications.

"I would, therefore, ask for a short period of patience to allow us to determine the appropriate course of action.

"This situation will not be allowed to continue indefinitely."