A YOUNG man from the Wee County is set to attend college having overcome the barriers that come with autism.

Damon Hendrie, 17, has faced difficulties all his life in mainstream educational settings due to an autism spectrum disorder.

Despite the obstacles he has been facing, including communication difficulties and being sensitive to loud sounds, the Alva Academy pupil has excelled in all subjects.

Not only that, he has also achieved a Saltire Award for his leadership and for supporting younger pupils.

The 17-year-old, who is also an ambassador for the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) provision in the Wee County, has seen his hard work and commitment pay off when he gained an unconditional offer for a place to study at Fife College.

Damon, who has been keen to undertake any challenge put in front of him with veracity and motivation, said: "From a young age, I have known that I want to work with numbers.

"I am happy when doing calculations and working on a project involving maths.

"This can be seen by the fact that I am set to achieve a Higher in mathematics this year.

"My hopes for college are that I develop the skills required to become a successful accountant, achieve a degree and ultimately gain the opportunity to work in accountancy."

Damon will be studying an advanced certificate in enterprise and business with accounting.