THE chairman of Sauchie Juniors has detailed his own battle with Covid-19 and admits he is still feeling the impact even now.

Karl Rennie went into hospital on January 2 and was discharged a week later but says the effects are still taking their toll.

Speaking about Sauchie football club's hopes to return to playing as soon as it is possibly safe to do so, Mr Rennie's frustration is clear.

However, after battling the virus and still struggling with it weeks after, he says he understands why the precautions are being taken by the governing body and the Scottish Government.

On his battle with the virus, Karl said: "It wasn't very pleasant.

"It felt like someone had a ratchet strap tightening around my chest: I was struggling for breath."

The chairman went into hospital for acute assessment then spent a week in intensive care before being discharged on January 9.

Karl never experienced some of the symptoms others have reported such as loss of taste or smell, but more than a month after being discharged from hospital, he is still off from work.

He added: "Sometimes it just takes your breath away. It's very strange and very hard."

Sauchie Juniors haven't played a competitive football match this year, and at the moment there seems to be no return date in the near future.

A recent Scottish Football Association statement stated an update will be provided on March 1, however it adds: "This date should not be seen as a proposed restart date."