AN ALLOA man and his fiancée are brightening up the lockdown weekends with their live music events.

Stuart MacGregor and Susan Kempski have been sharing their favourite songs, looks and moves throughout the lockdown.

The idea came after Stuart began hosting Live From the Diner, a music playlist on social media platform Mixlr.

Playing hits from his youth and other classics, he's built up quite a following and even reunited with some old school friends.

Stuart said: "One of my school friends from Alloa Academy moved down south, [and] he's been doing a show on a Friday night.

"Me and my fiancée have been listening to his show, and we listen to a lot of music, so it was just a case of 'I could do that as well'.

"I started putting a playlist together just to get people together rather than just finishing work and watching TV.

"There's a chat function as well so it gets people together, listening to music and memories of the music.

"It's connected a few school friends back together too.

"One of our friends said it's like a night out in the house."

Thankfully for Stuart and Susan they've got the décor to match: their dining room is styled like a 50s diner, with red and white diner furniture and retro pictures on the wall.

They recently dressed up in their Grease costumes and recorded a few dances to entertain their friends.

On the importance of coming together, he added: "I would say now more than ever because we have been in lockdown for coming up a year.

"It was fine right at the start when the weather was nice and people were getting out and about whereas now it's dark at night and people aren't going out.

"It's getting people together on a Thursday night, it's good to see a lot of school friends that have fled the nest getting back together."

"You can put the radio on, play songs on YouTube, but when it brings people together that's the beauty of doing something like this."

To listen to Live From the Diner, download the Mixlr app for free and search for Stuart the Mod.