A SAUCHIE photographer with a rare form of cancer is creating calendars to raise money for the centre where she is currently receiving treatment.

In May last year, Debby Walker was diagnosed with a rare form of bladder cancer – one so unusual that it is believed she is the only case in the UK.

She created the photography group Photography Creative Captures on Facebook and she created a small calendar from the group's submissions to be given to the members.

After her diagnosis, she created another calendar and this time it was sold to the members to raise money for The Beatson cancer centre, where she has been receiving treatment.

The group raised £240 and now they want to sell another calendar out with the group to raise as much money as possible.

Debby, 48, says the group acts also as a support group, where members' work is encouraged and supported.

Not only that, it's a positive space, something Debby knows all too well the importance of.

She said: "If it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't be here because they're constantly with you, seeing how you are and what you're up to.

"This group has given me inspiration.

Debby has been using Alfy as a mascot to help her grandchildren better understand her own journey

Debby has been using Alfy as a mascot to help her grandchildren better understand her own journey

"A lot of the people in the group have mental health issues and depression so the lockdown has been pretty difficult, but the challenges and daily posts gives [everybody] something to think about and do."

Debby also created another Facebook page, Wee Alfy's Adventures, where she uses a little mascot to share her own cancer journey.

The idea came from Debby wanting to be able to explain her journey to her grandchildren.

She said: "He's like a wee cancer mascot and he tells the story of someone's battle against cancer as if he's fighting it."

Alfy's caused quite a stir with the nurses who have been treating Debby, as they all want to get a picture with him.

The group's next challenge will be to pose for a picture with Alfy.

Debby put a post up to say she'll be sending him to any member who would like to take a picture with him, and she had 56 responses on the first day.

He'll be visiting Dundee, Angus, Aberdeen and more in Scotland, then down south and even overseas to California and New York, plus many other places.

Search for Wee Alfy's Adventures on Facebook to follow Debby's journey.

The group are working on their next calendar, and more details will be posted on the Photography Creative Captures group Facebook page when available.