CALLS have been made for an "iconic" abandoned building in Alloa to be handed back to the community.

MSP Mark Ruskell this week joined the many voices raising concerns over Greenfield House, which has been left to rot despite being sold off by Clackmannanshire Council for development years ago.

The Scottish Greens representative for Mid Scotland and Fife said: "Greenfield House is an iconic building and should be put to good use, not left to deteriorate in the way that it has been.

"Kapital Residential has owned this building for seven years, and has done nothing with it.

"It still has a huge potential, and local residents have become increasingly concerned as it has fallen into disrepair.

"The priority must be to effectively secure the site in order to stop unauthorised access and reduce the chance of serious accidents.

"This has gone on long enough, and Kapital must involve the local community in its plans.

"I am asking them to host a public meeting so that they can explain what they intend to do with it and get feedback from the people of Alloa.

"We can't allow such an important building to be wasted like this.

"If Kapital is not going to use it then it should sell or transfer it back for community use."

Greenfield House has become a major talking point in the town once again after a group of so-called urban explorers uploaded a video to popular platform YouTube, showing how they gained access to the building.

Issuing a statement this month, Clacks Councillor Craig Holden vowed that the current situation "will not be allowed to continue indefinitely".

The administration's spokesman for environment and housing added: "As service spokesperson I wish to make clear that I share the concern of many people in Alloa and beyond at the deterioration of Greenfield House.

"I can confirm that I have asked officers to investigate all options available to us including the possibility of a Compulsory Purchase Order.

"I must stress, however, that all options carry a degree of risk and can only be pursued with reference to specific legal requirements and consideration of the financial implications.

"I would, therefore, ask for a short period of patience to allow us to determine the appropriate course of action."

Kapital Residential Ltd was given permission in 2016 to develop Greenfield House.

Plans called for alterations, partial demolition and an extension to be built to create six flats and 42 sheltered housing flats.

However, the local authority confirmed to the Advertiser in October 2019 that the permission has officially lapsed at the B-listed building and that the owners would be required to apply again.

The Advertiser has contacted Kapital to offer an opportunity for a response.