CLACKS COUNCIL is currently unable to accept any petition which seeks to reverse the decision to close the Leisure Bowl.

Kilncraigs' petitions framework repels any effort to rescind a determination made, for a period of six months.

As such, petitions to overturn the Leisure Bowl decision could only be considered from mid-August.

The current policy has been in place since the end of 2018, after a motion by Labour Cllr Dave Clark called for a review on how petitions are handled.

The review - undertaken by council officers - focused on the minimum number of signatories required and allowing online submissions.

The issue arose as Craig Miller, Labour candidate in the upcoming Holyrood election, sought to present a petition to the local authority, calling on it to reverse the decision.

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In an email seen by the Advertiser, the council said the petition "cannot be accepted" as it is requesting "the direct reversal of a decision/action approved by council in the last six months".

Mr Miller said: "For the council now to refuse to accept petitions on the matter is a further slap in the face, not only to democracy, but to the thousands of people who have signed petitions believing that their voice would be heard.

"I call on the SNP and Tories in Clackmannanshire Council to reverse their decision and to begin open and meaningful consultation with the community on the future of leisure services in Clackmannanshire."

A standing order also prevents councillors from tabling motions that would reverse a decision taken in the past six months, with some exemptions.

Last week, in a video update on the closure of the Leisure Bowl, Councillor Graham Lindsay said: "Claims have been made that Clackmannanshire [Council] are refusing to accept any petitions.

"This is completely untrue.

"A petitions form is available for completion via the online petitions website on ClacksWeb."