A MARRIED couple are opening a farm shop in Clacks tomorrow and hope to offer a different experience to the traditional shopping trip.

Michael and Polly Watt founded Polly's Pantry last year in the Aberdona Gallery building, east of Coalsnaughton.

Starting off with cheese grazing boards, the couple are preparing to open the doors to their farm shop tomorrow, Saturday, March 20.

Michael and Polly, from Dunfermline and Dundee, originally intended to buy some property to convert it into holiday homes.

However, when they saw the Aberdona Gallery building, a new plan was hatched.

Michael said: "There's a flat in the building so we thought let's downsize, move to the flat and do the café and farm shop.

"It's a great place in central Scotland; it feels rural."

The couple have been married for five years and have always been interested in working for themselves.

Polly studied nursing and then became a full-time mum while Michael has a background in e-commerce.

On their experiences of working and studying, Michael said: "We just thought this is rubbish, let's do something for ourselves. It's really scary, but let's hope it pays off."

Due to the current restrictions in place with the pandemic, the couple have only had one builder come in to help transform the building into their store.

With Michael working his notice period at work, the couple, and their two kids Lachlan and Mylo, have been working hard to make sure the store is ready for the grand opening this weekend.

Michael added: "I'm still working full-time so trying to balance 60 hours a week, build a place and having two young kids – it's been hard with no nursery or childcare for quite a long time.

"We've only had one builder; we've done everything else ourselves."

Michael has quit his job to take care of the deliveries while Polly does the cheeseboards. Two family members are the only other members of staff.

Despite the challenges of building a business through the pandemic, the couple are looking ahead to the future.

"We want people to do their full shop with us," Michael says. "We want people to do their weekly shop and get their fresh fruit and veg, it's a different experience from going to a convenience store or supermarkets."

The store will sell a wide range of products, from fresh fruit and veg to dairy products, essential grocery products and more.

Polly's Pantry will open tomorrow, Saturday, March 20, at 10am.

An online app and ordering system, also called Polly's Pantry, has also launched and can be found on the App Store or Google Play store.

Visit facebook.com/PollysPantryAberdona for more information.