TWO amendments at last week's Clackmannanshire Council budget meeting were "shot down in flames" in the virtual Kilncraigs chamber.

Dave Clark, leader of the Labour Group, tabled amendments to the budget and on the future of leisure provision in Clacks, but was accused of "opposition for opposition's sake".

Cllr Clark's amendment to the budget itself sought to establish a "fabric fund" with a £111,000 pot of money to protect public facilities.

In moving the amendment, he pointed to the CSSS building on Bedford Place, ABC Nursery and other properties which have been plagued by structural or roof issues.

Many in the chamber expressed displeasure over the move, with the council leader saying that both amendments were submitted less than 24 hours before the meeting started.

Cllr Clark said: "Our amendment this year is modest.

"It's modest because much of what we aspired to in the past has been embraced by the current administration."

The amendment also called for a circular economy officer to be hired by the council.

Cllr Clark added: "I have already spoken about the public halls, but we believe the circular economy will be the engine of growth and the future of economic activity.

"Not to be in early will squander an opportunity for economy to flourish."

In moving the budget, Cllr Ellen Forson expressed disappointment over the amendments being put forward, saying there had been numerous meetings and collaborative opportunities in the lead up to the day.

The amendment, which was supported by Labour colleagues but opposed by all others, was defeated along with the second amendment tabled during an update on future leisure provision.

Independent Cllr Chris Dixon said: "There seems to have been no effort at any of these budgets from the Labour Party to consult anybody else on the proposals and then they are wondering why they are getting shot down in flames.

"There isn't an anti-Labour alliance in the chamber," he added. "People – since I was elected certainly – have always done their best to work together and do what's right.

"The other parties talk to each other and they talk to me and problems are thrashed out, opinions are sought – it's not what I expected when I got elected to be honest."

He called on the party to open a dialogue next time around and added: "But doing it like this, it sort of looks like opposition for opposition's sake so I'll be voting against it and doing what's right for Clackmannanshire."

While the Labour amendment fell, party members still voted for the budget and related items on the day.