A TILLICOULTRY man threatened to petrol bomb a pub after being "chucked out" a court has heard.

In a later incident, Scott Mitchell wielded a knife, while hanging out of his window and threatening to petrol bomb police officers.

As a result, 43-year-old Mitchell, of Cairnton Place, Tillicoultry, is now behind bars.

Mitchell appeared for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, April 1.

He previously admitted that on September 27 he sent a message by phone to an employee at the Eagle Inn, High Street, Tillicoultry, in which he threatened violence and threatened to petrol bomb the pub.

He also admitted that on December 11 at his home he acted aggressively towards police officers, shouted, swore and made threats of violence whilst hanging out of a window, brandishing a knife.

The court was told that Mitchell had left the pub after an incident at around 5pm.

When he later tried to return at 6.30pm he was told he was not getting in by a bar employee.

At 8.30pm the same person answered a phone call to the pub.

Mitchell told the employee: "You've made a big mistake chucking me out the pub. I'm going to stab you. You better watch the pub because I'm going to petrol bomb it."

In the second offence, police had been called to Mitchell's house to deal with an incident at 2pm.

He refused to open the door to officers and began to threaten them.

He shouted: "If you come in, I'm going to smash your face".

He was seen brandishing a kitchen knife as he hung out of a window shouting at the police threatening to petrol bomb them.

Police eventually got into the property and told Mitchell to drop the knife which he did.

Defence solicitor Larissa Milligan said of the latter incident: "He didn't realise at first that it was police who were at his door."

She said her client has mental issues as well as substance misuse issues.

Sheriff Craig Harris jailed Mitchell for 140 days.