CRICKET will return to Clacks with an inter-club friendly next week and the community are encouraged to come along and show their support.

Clackmannan County Cricket Club, who are preparing for a season in one of Scotland’s second-tier leagues, are hosting the match between members of the club on Saturday, May 8 at 1pm.

Club secretary Joe Smith said: “We start every season with an club friendly, we did it last year in September, and it worked very well.

“Last year it became more of a social occasion, in previous years we’d done them but it was about players getting fit.

“We opened it to make it a social event last year and encouraged people to bring their families along and the turnout was really good.

“What we’re hoping to do this year is build on that and make it clear that the club is a welcoming place to everyone in the community.”

Ahead of the season starting on Saturday, May 22, the club are also on the lookout for a scorer to get involved on matchdays.

Joe explained how in the past a playing member would fill in the score book while waiting to bat, however the rules in the Eastern Championship mean the scorer can’t also be playing.

He added: “It’s a perfect role for someone who’s either played cricket in the past, has a passing interest in the sport or is just retired and wants something to do. You don’t need any prior knowledge of cricket and full training will be provided.”

Those who are interested in becoming a scorer for the Clackmannan County Cricket Club can contact for more information.