A WEE COUNTY man, who ignored a court order when he met his partner, has been handed a prison sentence.

Brian Russell appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court via video-link from custody on Thursday, April 29.

He admitted that, on March 28, he was in the company of his partner and at Wishart Drive, Stirling, both in breach of bail conditions imposed on March 15.

Sheriff Craig Harris had also previously put Russell on a non-harassment order not to contact his partner, which he also ignored.

The 41-year-old, of Gean Road, Alloa, was then jailed for 80 days by the sheriff.

He was also warned that he can expect more time in custody should there be any further breaches down the line.

Russell had previously been put on a community payback order and required to attend the Caledonian Men’s Programme for domestic offending, which he will remain on when he is released from jail.