INSPECTORS have praised the ongoing work at a Clacks nursery following an unannounced visit last month.

Sauchie Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) centre passed the inspection with great results, receiving ratings of "very good" across four areas.

The report from the Care Inspectorate, following the unannounced visit on April 16, said: "Children were happy, confident, and having fun at nursery.

"Their interests and individual needs were given consideration when activities were being planned in a Covid safe way.

"For instance, children were being creative and problem solving when making a bridge with the wooden blocks.

"They were learning in nature outdoors in the sensory garden when learning the names of the different birds they saw and heard."

Inspectors praised the way the service supported children and families to feel included when they could not attend during lockdown, saying a range of ways to share information and to engage were successfully established.

Clear policies, procedures and risk assessments are also in place to ensure a consistent approach to coronavirus infection prevention and control, inspectors added.

Much of the inspection focused around care, support and safeguards in relation to Covid-19.

The service received grades of 5 or "very good" on a scale from 1 to 6 where the top end of the scale is considered "excellent".

Councillor Graham Lindsay, Clackmannanshire Council's spokesman for education, said: "The findings of this Care Inspectorate report are cause for pride in our early learning centres and our dedicated ELC staff who are creating a warm and nurturing environment for our young people.

"This is a fantastic report and I'd like to congratulate everybody concerned."