A FLOOD resilience group in a Hillfoots town is set to receive more equipment to ensure volunteers are well kitted out for the job.

The Alva Community Resilience Team (ACRT) is going from strength to strength, successfully attracting various streams of funding just six months after its official inception.

The kit, including quality waterproof gear, was made possible thanks to a more than £3,400 grant from the EDF Renewables Burnfoot Hill Wind Farm Community Fund through Foundation Scotland.

Graham Gilmour, one of the team leads at ACRT, was "absolutely delighted" the team has managed to secure the funding and was keen to send out a nod of appreciation for the financial support.

As previously reported, the team first sprung into action last December in what was a baptism of fire following severe weather.

Graham told the Advertiser: "A lot of the team have said that they have got various items of wet weather gear personally.

"But I know certainly, when I was out in December the kit that I had – which I thought was reasonably waterproof – proved not to be as waterproof as I thought.

"So we thought of getting something that's more robust and dedicated; it also allows us to be more visible, especially in times of darkness.

"On that dark, wet December night it was quite tricky to be spotted if you weren't wearing suitable high visibility clothing."

He added: "It allows the team to be recognisable when they are out doing any work and they also stay protected from getting cold, wet, damp."

The team has been building up its kit steadily since officially forming last October.

Since their first day of action in early-December, ACRT has also received four walkie talkies to keep up a steady flow of communication, and prevent volunteers from ruining their phones in heavy rain, courtesy of Alloa Round Table.

The Scottish Flood Forum and Clackmannanshire Council – both organisations they work in partnership with – have also sent various bits of gear to the team as has the Clackmannan, Falkirk and Stirling Lottery Association which donated money for head torches.

The team has been monitoring flood alerts and water levels in Alva Burn thanks to the RiverTrack system.

They have been taking a proactive approach to flood prevention across the numerous watercourses that run through the town.

Graham said: "Team members have been going out, making sure the watercourses are clear [of debris] and if there are any issues we can either take some intervention ourselves – just rake out leaves from the Carnaughton Burn for instance – or get the council to come in and remove any substantial debris.

"It's just to make sure it doesn't cause any blockages and then cause further issues.

"I think our proactive intervention is helping to protect the area much more than it was before."

More volunteers are always welcome to join the ranks of ACRT, those interested can email alvaresilience@gmail.com or follow Alva Community Resilience Team on Facebook.