A SAUCHIE man's aggressive behaviour towards his partner has landed him a jail sentence.

Barry McIntyre, of Schaw Court, appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, May 13, from custody.

He admitted that on May 2, at McKinlay Crescent, Alloa, he acted in an aggressive manner, shouted and knocked items over.

The court was told McIntyre became aggressive when his partner challenged him after smelling alcohol from him.

After being asked to leave, he began pulling cables from the television set and knocking picture frames over.

He also admitted that on April 17, also at McKinlay Crescent, he behaved in an aggressive manner towards his partner, shouted, swore and made offensive remarks.

On this occasion, there had been another argument between them and McIntyre slept on the sofa.

In the morning, the 33-year-old became argumentative and his partner left the house.

That night McIntyre was intoxicated and became verbally abusive to his partner including making comments about her mother.

Defence solicitor Kelly Howe conceded: "His record is not a short one."

She added that her client had lost his job and his stability because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sheriff Craig Harris told McIntyre he now had four convictions for domestic offences.

He jailed him for 130 days and imposed a 12-month non-harassment policy.

Anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse in the Wee County can access help by contacting Clackmannanshire Women's Aid on 01259 721407.

Additional information and support is also available via the 24-hour Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0800 027 1234, or Victim Support Scotland on 0800 160 1985.