A CLACKS good cause is set to open a shop in Alloa next week to enable the expansion of charitable projects around the county.

The Gate will be opening up its shop under 12 Shillinghill in the town centre next Tuesday, June 8, nearly 10 years after it was founded by members of Ludgate Church.

Preparations were well underway last week as the Advertiser caught up with the charity's centre manager Marie Brownhill, who issued a call for volunteers to join the effort.

Marie, who was sorting through some of the stock already generously donated (pictured), said: "It's exciting times, I'm absolutely exhausted trying to get it up and running, but we'll get there.

"We are really happy [to be opening up the charity shop], it gets us into the heart of the community, the town, we can establish new links, they can get to know us and hopefully we'll be able to benefit an even wider group of people."

The shop, located across the road from the bus stands and down toward the Shillinghill Roundabout, will initially open up each Tuesday and Thursday between 10am and 4pm.

Hopes are high the venture will prove popular and that the opening times can be extended to cover other days full time, including Saturdays.

On offer will be new and good quality second hand items including bric-a-brac, clothing, footwear, toys, household items, books, jewellery and more.

Donations are welcome with a focus on household items.

Various volunteering roles are being made available at the shop.

People are needed on the shop floor to help serve customers while there is also an opportunity to work in the stock room downstairs.

Marie is also looking for volunteers to go into leadership or supervisor roles and is hoping to hear from anyone with retail experience if they are happy to give up some of their free time and help the good cause.

Help will always also be welcome from other charities, schools or groups who are keen to lend a hand as a team.

Marie added: "We are just trying to make money to help the community with our projects and expand our existing projects as well."

Volunteers are urgently needed to assist, people can call The Gate on 01259 218 766 and ask to speak to Marie about opportunities.