A SAUCHIE man, who gouged at the eyes of his sister's boyfriend during a fight, has been sentenced.

Kieran Macfarlane, previously of Posthill, but now of Hallpark, started the disturbance by being abusive towards his sister.

He appeared in the dock at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday, May 27, and admitted that on March 9, last year, at his home he shouted, acted aggressively and used racially offensive language to his sister.

The 21-year-old also admitted that he assaulted the complainer by repeatedly punching him on the head, causing him to fall to the ground, struggled with him and gouged his eyes to his injury.

He further admitted shouted, swore, acted aggressively, took possession of a knife, brandished it and made threats of violence.

The court heard that the disturbance occurred at 9.30am and began with Macfarlane initially apologising to his sister for an earlier incident but then shouting at her calling her a "P**i-loving b**t".

He then got into a physical struggle with his sister's partner, both of them falling to the ground in the garden and Macfarlane gouging at the man's eyes.

Mr Clark broke free and ran back to his car with Macfarlane then going to the house and coming back out with a knife saying he was going to stab him.

Police were contacted and officers later retrieved the kitchen knife, with a 19cm blade, which Macfarlane had been brandishing.

Defence solicitor Christine Hagan said her client had taken Valium and cannabis before the incident and his memory of it was "very limited".

Sheriff Craig Harris told Macfarlane it was a "very serious incident" and jail would always been considered in such cases when a knife was involved.

However, instead he imposed a community payback order with 100 hours of unpaid work, 12 months of supervision and a 12-month non-harassment order.