ALLOA could become a "Mecca" for disability sport if plans for a future well-being and leisure complex come to fruition.

The prospect was raised by council leader Ellen Forson at this Monday's, May 31, special council meeting on the future of leisure provision in the Wee County.

The update to councillors followed the closure of Alloa Leisure Bowl and heard how officers are developing a range of options for leisure provision with a number of key partners, community groups and more involved from the early stages.

Ambitions are for a wellbeing complex or campus, which would do more than just simply focus on sport with an emphasis on physical and mental health as well.

According to the council leader, there is a strategic opportunity to address a gap in the market with the plans around disability sport.

Cllr Forson said at the meeting: "Accessibility is a thing I'm going to keep on coming back to.

"We know that there's a gap in the market for accessible sporting and leisure facilities across the whole of Scotland and I really believe that Clackmannanshire has the chance to become a bit of a Mecca for that.

"If we get in there early and we use our consultation process - which we have been doing with targeted groups, with our ASN families, people and communities who have disabilities – then there's a real opportunity where Clackmannanshire could be the go-to place."

She added: "Let's develop a proper 21st century facility that our communities deserve, it's going to be good to see Clackmannanshire excel at something and I'm looking forward to that."