YOUNG people in the Wee County have been encouraged to sign up for the upcoming Play in a Week to boost their confidence and meet new friends.

Ran by the Ochil Youths Community Improvement (OYCI) group, there will be three different plays this year so more than 60 10-18-year-olds can get involved.

Kat Wilson, the creative arts lead, says the plays are a great way for young people to boost their confidence.

She said: "We've been running them for about two years now and they're fully devised by the young people so we don't decide before they start what it's going to be about.

"On the first day we decided on a theme or topic with the young people and then they come up with a storyline and the characters through the week.

"We don't know what it's going to be about which makes it fun. On the Monday we don't know and by the Friday we somehow have a show."

The storyline of each play is devised entirely by the young people, which Kat explains makes it fun and a little bit nerve-wracking.

She continued: "We'll usually start on the Monday with a discussion about what's important to them or things that are going on in the world that they think is interesting to them.

"It always comes together but there's always a point about half way through where you're [nervous] but it's just because we've usually got so many ideas, it's finding ways to bring them all together and making sure everyone has their say and their ideas are included."

The first Play in a Week took place in 2019 and there was one in the February holidays last year just before the pandemic.

Kat continued: "The Play in a Weeks are really fun, we play a lot of games. We're making the play but there's a lot of time for games and socialising and making new friends.

"Young people can put as much or as little as they want into the play, they can have a huge part if they want or they can just be there to give ideas and have a smaller role.

"There's no auditions, people create their own parts and stories. It's really fun and creative and it's really good for young people who maybe need a bit of a confidence boost.

"Taking part in something like this is really good for their confidence.

"On a Monday they might come in and be shy, not really knowing anybody, and by the Friday they're up on a stage in front of an audience."

This year's plays will take place from the July 19-23 and from August 2-6 and 9-13.

Contact for more information or to book a place in this year's events.