CLACKS people have been urged to seek advice for financial problems by the local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Clacks CAB, as part of the Money Advice Matters scheme being run by the Citizens Advice network, has urged local people not to ignore any financial difficulties paying bills, meeting arrears or tackling debt and to seek advice and support sooner rather than later.

The charity believes many people are set to experience a wave of financial problems such as job loss or reduced incomes as government measures put in place last year to help people through the pandemic like furlough, Universal Credit increase, and various payment support measures come to an end in the coming months.

Jonny Miller, managing director at Clacks CAB said: “Over the next few months people who have been relying on temporary support such as furlough schemes and benefit increases are going to lose that help and many will likely see a fall in income through reduced hours or even job loss, which will be a big hit to their finances.

“So our Money Advice Matters campaign is intended to remind people that your local CAB is here, ready to give you free, independent expert advice and support on any financial problems you are facing.

“We can help by putting on hold creditor demands for payment, negotiating better re-payment schedules, advise on various options for paying bills, dealing with arrears and tackling debt.

“This is what we do every day. We talk to the energy companies, the council, credit card providers, landlords and all sorts of other agencies, to help relieve people of their money and debt problems.

“We are here to help.”

Visit or call 01259 219404 for more information on the help available from Clacks CAB.