A TULLIBODY teen who threatened to stab someone was later found by police with a steak knife in his jacket pocket.

Travis Renwick, of Broomieknowe, appeared in the dock at Alloa Sheriff Court, on Thursday, June 3.

He admitted that on October 24, at Main Street, Tullibody, he acted aggressively towards a man, repeatedly made threats of violence, shouted, repeatedly kicked a door and threw a glass bottle causing it to smash.

The 19-year-old also admitted being unlawfully in possession of two knives.

Depute fiscal Robbie McDougall said there had been a group of visitors drinking at the house that night and they had been asked to leave because of the noise they were making.

At around 4am, after more people had come there, Renwick got involved in an argument with a friend and made a comment about getting a knife from the kitchen.

He then threatened to stab someone in the house and was ejected.

Renwick then began screaming in the close and police were called by local residents.

When police traced the accused, they searched him and a steak knife was found in his jacket pocket.

He told officers: "It was for self-defence."

"He's very remorseful and has stopped drinking since this incident," added defence solicitor Larissa Milligan.

In sentencing, Sheriff Ian Anderson told Renwick: "The court takes very seriously people being in possession of knives especially when they are drunk. These situations can escalate very quickly."

The sheriff imposed a community payback order with 90 hours of unpaid work.