TWO Wee County girls climbed the tallest mountain in Britain recently and raised more than £1,500 for charity.

Carla Fulton and her friend Jodie McAuslane conquered Ben Nevis on Saturday, June 6, to raise money for the Tilly Ladies Appeal and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Accompanying the girls was Lorna and Lee, Carla's mum and dad, and Gillian, Jodie's mum.

The group left the Wee County early on the Saturday morning and started walking just after 5am.

Lorna said: "We left the house at 2.30am in Tillicoultry, drove to Fort William, arrived at 5am and started walking at around 5.15am.

"Once we got to the top we hit the snow, stopped again and got our waterproofs on. It was funny going up the hills in the snow as there were a few falls.

"We couldn't see the top because of the clouds then they blew away and we could see the summit.

"We had a couple of bottles of fizz at the top too. It was a good day, it took us about 10-11 hours. We kept stopping and took our time."

Carla added: "It was hard but I had good fun. My favourite bit was sliding down the snow on my bum."

Jodie, who was raising money for Alva Academy's famous Macmillan appeal, had a fall on the walk but managed to persevere and make it to the top.

She said: "Once you got to the top, the views and the snow was really fun. I fell coming back down [but] I'm fine now.

"There was bits where we got to a part where we were more than half way up and it was like a zig-zag so we were back and forth going up the hill. That was tiring but once we saw the snow we knew we were near the top so that kept us going.

"I think everybody found it hard but you just push through, once we got to the top we sat for ages and then slowly took our time coming down."

Jodie's mum Gillian added: "It was hard but I think when we got to the top, we were so exhilarated, it was just an amazing feeling.

"There was so much snow up the top, we were really lucky with the weather. The mist at the top blew through every so often so we had really good views.

Carla's fundraiser is currently sitting at more than £1,000 for Tilly Ladies Appeal and Jodie's raised more than £650 in aid of Alva Academy's famous Macmillan Cancer Support appeal.

Both of the girls' fundraisers are still open for donations.

Visit to donate to Carla's fundraiser or to contribute to Jodie's.