A SAUCHIE woman has been reunited with her cat two weeks after he went missing.

Mandy Duncan contacted Forth Valley Cat Protection after her cat, Rebel, did not return home.

She described how Rebel would often go away for a few days but when he didn't return for more than a week she got worried.

She said: "You do constantly worry when he's away. I get really worried about cars because I've lost a few cats to cars."

Rebel's photos were shared online, asking residents to keep an eye out for Rebel.

That night, Rebel returned home.

Mandy has had Rebel for eleven years after she rescued him when he was just two weeks old.

She added: "I was so relieved when he came back; he's not a young cat, but at least he came back well-fed."

Mandy said that Rebel was away for so long she was "starting to think someone else had taken him in".