TEMPERATURES in Scotland are set to rise this week as the school summer holidays begin.

It's good news for the country, with warm weather meaning people are more likely to spend time outside reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19.

Infection rates have been increasing in recent days, hitting 2,639 cases on Sunday June 27.

Here's everything you need to know about Scotland's mini-heatwave...

Where are temperatures rising? 

Warmer temperatures will be seen around Scotland, with highs of 23C expected in Glasgow. 

The country's capital will enjoy a balmy 20C, while Aberdeen will hit 18C. 

People in the north of the country won't be left out, with temperatures in Inverness climbing to 22C. 

In Alloa, the mercury will hover around 19-20C this week with a chance of 21C at the weekend.

CLICK HERE for more detail on the Met Office forecasts.

How long will the warm weather last? 

The warmer temperatures are expected to peak at the beginning of the week, and decrease slowly throughout. 

However in many places the summer weather looks set to hover around the upper teens well into next week. 

What about UV levels? 

UV levels identifies the strength of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 

When the UV levels are high, you are more likely to burn. 

The UV index has a maximum of 8, and levels around Scotland this week are set to stay around level 5. 

Highs of UV 6 are expected towards the end of the week, so just make sure to take your suncream with you when you are out soaking up the rays!