A RAPIST who assaulted women at knifepoint and throttled them has been warned that he could be facing a life sentence.

Christian Robson attacked five women in a catalogue of violence and abuse committed over an eight-year period.

The 26-year-old assaulted the complainers in Alva, Sauchie and Tullibody, Denny, and Auchterarder.

A mother of one of Robson's victims told the High Court in Edinburgh that she threatened to kill him after she found out what he had done to her teenage daughter.

Recalling a call to Robson, after she learnt what had occurred, she told the court: "I can't remember the exact words. It was along the lines of: 'You dirty, beast b*****d, you raped my daughter'."

The woman added: "When I threatened to kill him and to tell the truth, he admitted it. He said: 'yes, I done it' and he was apologetic."

She said Robson was older than her daughter, who was 15 at the time, when she first met him in 2011

The woman said she was angry when she learned about her daughter losing her virginity. She later went to hospital with the teenager who suffered a miscarriage.

She told advocate depute Graeme Jessop that she later learnt her daughter was raped. She asked her daughter if she wanted to go to the police but she did not go at that time.

The mother was later contacted by her daughter who asked her to come and get from a house where Robson was.

She agreed there was a confrontation with Robson and said: "A lot of words were said along the lines of: 'You raped my daughter; I am going to kill you'."

The woman, who had been out with her husband, said Robson was shouting for help. She said: "When I asked him again to admit it, he admitted it."

Mr Jessop asked her if she was threatening him when he made the admission and she replied: "I was hitting him."

The woman's daughter was Robson's first victim when he raped her at a house in Alva in 2011 after holding a knife against her.

Robson attacked a second woman in Tullibody in 2013 and 2014.

During one assault he chased her and pinned her against a wall before putting her hands around her neck and throttling her.

The woman was also dragged by the hair, had a knife pulled on her and had her life threatened.

A third woman, attacked at addresses in Sauchie by Robson, was also throttled by him and he put a knife to her neck.

She was kicked, punched, pushed, dragged by the hair and bitten on the body.

A fourth woman was assaulted and raped by him at a house in Auchterarder in 2017 when she was pinned to a bed.

He put his hands around the victim's neck and compressed it, restricting her breathing.

The court heard that a fifth woman was assaulted and raped by him at an address in Denny between 2017 and 2019. Robson brandished a hammer and a screwdriver at her and also squeezed her neck.

He had denied a string of charges during his trial but was found guilty of committing eight offences – including three rapes and three counts of assault to the danger of life.

Robson has never previously served a prison sentence, but has been held on remand since March last year after he appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court.

Mr Jessop said the Crown had a motion that a risk assessment order should be made in his case which can result in the imposition of an Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR).

Under an OLR the court imposes a minimum term the offender must serve in prison but any future release under the indeterminate sentence is left to parole authorities.

The trial judge, Lady Carmichael, deferred sentence on Robson for the preparation of a background report and continued the Crown motion.

Robson was placed on the sex offenders' register.