GAMERS from FVC recently lifted a trophy after blasting away the opposition in a national Rocket League championships.

The team from Forth Valley Gaming Society won the ESports Association's Rocket League Division Two title on Saturday, July 3.

Often described as football but with rocket-powered cars, the video game Rocket League is a popular competitive title with prize pools as big as several million dollars at the very top international level.

The college team is made up of Mason "Masxn 10" Japp and Jamie "Jamzzy" Bell, both 17, from Alloa, David "Digi-I" King, 35, from Stirling, as well as substitutes Joel "Joeltheslumpgod" Anderson, 18, from Falkirk, and Finlay "Moose" Stenhouse, 16, from Alva.

They debuted in the British Esports Association and CDN Rocket League Scottish Cup in November 2020, won an invitation to the British Esports Association's Spring Championships and are now poised for testing games in the top league.

The division two final went ahead against Exeter College at the Metronome in Nottingham and outgoing student association president Andrew Smirthwaite, who has championed the team over the last year among college students and staff was at the event to roar on his support.

He said: "The Rocket League Division Two Final was a best of seven event and in the first round the FV Gaming Society team dominated the Exeter team, and the crowd got right behind us.

"Exeter started to come back in games with goals, but never enough to win a match."

Indeed, the FVC team won four games in a row to quickly bring the best of seven final to a conclusion.