AN ALLOA mixed martial arts fighter travelled to London recently to compete in one of Europe's biggest shows and complete a clean sweep.

Stevie McIntosh was at the York Hall in London to compete on the main card of the MMA event Cage Warriors, fighting in the venue that once hosted Muhammed Ali.

The Clacks man was set to compete on the Saturday night against the highly-rated Irish fighter Decky McAleenan at the Cage Warriors Trilogy event along with three of his teammates from Higher Level Martial Arts.

Leading up to the main card all three of his team mates were able to pick up wins, with Stevie left to make the clean sweep.

The fight started with some good exchanges from both fighters with very little between the two. Stevie was able to secure a takedown in the last 30 seconds of the first round and land some good punches to help secure the first round in his favour.

The second round started fast with both fighters getting into the fight with some back and forth exchanges. Decky attempted a spinning elbow which Stevie was able to evade and counter with a takedown to back control.

From there Stevie managed to catch a rear naked choke submission forcing his opposition to tap out giving Stevie his seventh win as a professional and also his seventh finish inside the distance.

Speaking after the clean sweep, Stevie said: "[A] successful weekend down in London at Cage Warriors. [I] really put my heart and soul into this camp [with] 12 weeks of hard work.

"Massive thank you to all my sponsors who make things so much easier, my coach James Doolan who puts so much time and effort into improving myself and all his fighters on a daily basis.

"And I think four out of four for Higher Level Martial Arts on one of the biggest shows in the world really shows how great a coach he is.

"On to the next one. Scotland the brave."

This win puts Stevie up there with some of the top lightweight fighters in Europe and likely only one win away from a chance to compete for the Cage Warriors World Title once held by UFC mega star Conor McGregor.