AN INTREPID group of Wee County youngsters climbed some of the hardest hills in Clacks to raise money for their football team.

Players from Alloa Athletic's 2011s team climbed Ben Ever, Ben Buck and Ben Cleuch last Thursday, July 15 to raise money to pay for their football strips for the upcoming season.

Aiming to raise around £20-£30 per player, the group went above and beyond their target, coming in at a momentous £2,200.

The extra money means the young players will be able to get new training kits as well as funding a special Christmas day out later this year after they missed out last winter because of the Covid-19 regulations.

Ross Henry, head coach of the team, said it was a "very, very special day" and praised the group for their behaviour, attitude and perseverance.

He said: "My grandad took me up the hills every weekend so it's been in the background of my mind for a few years.

"This year, because of the lockdown, I just tried to do something that I think they'd love and that would be enjoyable.

"it was roasting hot, we dunked their heads in water, had plenty of breaks and a carry on. I taught them about map reading and instead of doing one hill, we done three.

"They totally smashed it, I'm really super proud of them all."

A group of 21 youngsters, four coaches, two parents and puppy Piper completed the monumental task.

Also joining the group was Ross' son Logan, who plays with the team despite being a year younger.

"I was on high alert the whole time," Ross continued. "I stayed at the back, made sure the kids were in front of me with two coaches at the front and none of the kids were allowed in front of them.

"It was a really, really special day and I'm so proud of them.

"Not one of the kids got a row, not one of them didn't follow instructions and every one of them loved it."

Waiting for the group at the bottom was a number of parents, who surprised the youngsters with water guns and water balloons.

After jumping out at the children, everyone was able to relax and enjoy the weather, with the kids enjoying some ice poles while the coaches were presented with a crate of beer on ice.

"It was just a lovely day," Ross added. "We really, really enjoyed it."