ALLOA band Tonto are set to unleash their new single this week – ahead of two massive live shows this summer.

The four-piece will release Insider on Friday, July 30, as a follow-up to their previous single Down the Hatch.

Previously known as Kieran Fisher and the Reel Movement, the quartet got together shortly before the pandemic and have yet to play their first gig as a band.

However, they are set to play Falkirk's Vibration Festival in September, alongside the likes of The Fratellis, Cast, Shambolics, Stevie McCrorie, Billy Mitchell, PRIMES and more.

Tonto also have a support slot gig also set down for August 27 when they open for The Chase as part of a This Feeling show at Broadcast in Glasgow.

The band's frontman, Kieran Fisher, feels the shows are coming around the right time – only a few weeks after the release of Insider.

"It's got a festival-feel, musically," Kieran told the Advertiser. "Lyle wrote a riff and the lyrics followed suit straight after I heard it... It sounds massive.

"It's the opposite side of the spectrum from Down the Hatch, lyrics-wise. This one is more of a love song – a fly along in the motor with the windows down and shades on, kind of love song. Just ripping with attitude."

"It's different, lyrically, but not drifted away from the core sound of the band. You can still go full-blown Tonto to it!

"I hope folk just enjoy it and take from it what they will – I know what I means to me. Some tunes are just made to be played and enjoyed wherever it may be."

Tonto certainly turned a few heads with the release of Down the Hatch, the first track under their new name.

Kieran added: "Down the Hatch went down wicked. It was probably the best that a tune I've written has ever did.

"It got This Feeling's track of the week; 30-ish spins the last time I checked on amazing radio UK and US, among numerous other stuff. So, we're looking to better that with Insider."

Tonto are clearly raring to go on the live music front, and they will be looking to make up for lost time from the first note.

Guitarist Lyle Finlay said the band will aim to "keep the crowd bouncing" when they take to the stage both in Glasgow and Vibration.

He added: "We cannot wait to get going; the whole reason I wanted to be in a band was to get on stage and give it full gutty. I think we’re gonna turn a few heads once people come and see us."

"It’s all falling in to place; hopefully, we'll have the place packed and put on a rock 'n' roll showpiece for the crowd."

Catch Tonto at Broadcast, Glasgow on Friday, August 27, or at Vibration Festivalat Falkirk's Callendar Park on Friday-Saturday, September 3-4.