A DEFIBRILLATOR will soon be accessible in Sauchie at all times thanks to a donation from a Wee County group.

The Wee County Malt Whisky Society recently presented Sauchie Community Group with a cheque for £600.

Raised by one of the group's virtual tasting nights, the money will go towards the cost of installing a defibrillator in the area.

There is currently a defibrillator in Sauchie Hall; however, the hall is locked and so it is only accessible at certain times.

However, the new installation – in a place yet to be determined – will be accessible at all times ensuring a potentially life-saving machine is always available.

Gus Rennie, co-founder of the society, said the group are thrilled to once again be supporting a good local cause.

He said: "Our focus all the way is raising money for local groups.

"[We raised the money] through another online tasting. Also, we've got a group sponsor who very kindly has donated a bottle of single cask whisky each time we've had a tasting.

"We've raffled that off on a bonus ball so that raises a bit of money for it as well."

Ahead of their tasting, the group had a discussion about where they could donate the money raised.

One member suggested buying a defibrillator and they then realised there was not one available at all times in Sauchie.

Gus continued: "There's one in Sauchie Hall but when Sauchie Hall's closed, it's closed.

"These ones that are in the towns now have a phone number access code to allow you to get into it so that's going to be better."

Sauchie Community Group's Laura Turner was delighted to receive the cheque from the group and is already enquiring about the installation.

She said: "The hall's not always open or accessible so this gives us one that is there all the time to anybody that needs it 24/7.

"We're delighted and honoured that they chose the community group to donate the funds to and it'll really help us move forward and get the defibrillator as soon as possible.

"The community group will put the money towards the rest of it; we were looking in to getting one anyway. It'll go a long way towards funding it and we'll pay the rest."

Earlier this year the Wee County Malt Whisky Society raised more than £400 for the Ochils Mountain Rescue Team and, with more than £1,000 now raised for groups in Clacks, they're keen to continue their work.

They're hoping to hold their first in-person event in December at Sauchie Juniors' Beechwood Stadium.

Search Wee County Malt Whisky Society on Facebook for more information.