SEONAID MCINTOSH ended the Olympics without a medal as the Wee County shooter failed to qualify for the 3x50m final.

McIntosh, the world number one, also didn't qualify for the 10m event early last week but expectations were high for the 3x50m.

However, McIntosh finished 14th with a total of 1167 points, just five shy of the 1172 total needed for 8th place.

The 25-year-old said she was "heartbroken" not to qualify for either event.

She said: "I'm a bit heartbroken, it did not go as hoped.

"It was not dreadful I guess, I was close to making the final but a lot of it got lost in a few ways and a few places.

"Some of it was amazing, but it was not enough."

McIntosh, the youngest member of the McIntosh clan, was aiming to top the achievements of mother Shirley, coach and father Donald, and sister Jen, all of whom were international shooters, by winning the family's first Olympic medal.

She cited a lack of competitive action as a reason for her performance.

"I have shot better but I have had one competition since the end of November 2019, so I can't really complain with how I have gone," she added.

"I feel today was a day when I needed more match experience but I haven't had that."

McIntosh scored a perfect 100 points in her first 10 shots from the standing position but her aim wavered towards the end.

She continued: "I think I already knew there was no way I was getting in there, I was up against the time at the very end and was close to running out of it.

"I was struggling with the wind. Some of the girls just shoot right through it but I am a little bit more cautious with stuff like that.

"It was back and forth and a bit tricky."