A SAUCHIE woman who currently holds the Scottish women's deadlift record says becoming a strongwoman has changed her life.

Mairi Ross works in the prison service and is a single parent to her son Andrew, who is seven.

After battling an eating disorder since a young age, Mairi found herself tired, extremely overweight and living an uninspiring life.

A gym instructor at the facilities in her work had started a beginners lifting class for women and Mairi reluctantly gave it a go.

Now, around two years later, Mairi has a host of achievements under her belt and is currently working towards a competition where she will face some of her idols in the sport.

"Basically, I've had an eating disorder since I was a teenager," Mairi said.

"With my work and having my son, who is quite active, I just wanted to get a bit fitter.

"It started from there and it just grew arms and legs."

Another officer, Jamie, is a personal trainer who began programming for Mairi and she then explored the possibility of becoming a strongwoman.

She continued: "I'm so much stronger and fitter. I probably don't look a picture of health, I am still overweight but I have a dietician and nutritionist I work with.

"I don't binge eat any more. Trying to undo a lot of years of damage doesn't happen overnight.

"It's definitely changed my life for the better."

Recently, Mairi has been crowned the third strongest woman in Scotland and is the current women's Scottish deadlift record holder after lifting 215kg.

She was also awarded the Hamish Davidson Memorial Trophy for deadlifting 202.5kg at her first competition, becoming only the second woman to be awarded this honour.

The future holds plenty to be excited about, with competitions in England and Ireland on the horizon.

However, most importantly for right now, Mairi is continuing her weight loss journey while doing something even more important – inspiring and teaching positive life lessons to Andrew.

"I want to be a good role model for Andrew," she continued. "I think I'm achieving that now.

"I'm more active with him, running around the park playing football with him, simple things like that.

"I've got goals in life and he knows if I fail I'll get back up and try harder, and I think that's a good lesson for him to watch and see."

Mairi currently has a fundraising page to cover costs for her events including flights, hotels, entry fees and equipment.

Visit tinyurl.com/5xczs3p9 to make a donation.