FAMILIES on a Tillicoultry street have pleaded for council intervention with the future of nearby playpark in doubt.

The Bards Way residents are concerned that the land covering the play area and green space is to be auctioned off for development.

The locals were under the impression that any remaining green space was adopted by the council under the terms of the planning permission in 1997.

However, it seems the adoption process never went through and ownership stayed with the developer.

Since learning of this residents have started to campaign to save their green space and called on Clackmannanshire Council to execute a Section 75 agreement and adopt the land.

People living in Bards Way are concerned about the impact on the environment and their community if they lose their play park.

One resident told the Advertiser: "The loss of green open space and a children's playpark is a real concern to everyone and it is regrettable that the developer has been able to avoid fulfilling its planning obligations and profit from the sale of areas of land that should have been adopted by Clackmannanshire Council.

"I am hopeful that now that positive discussions have opened up with the council they will act quickly to adopt the land and will also agree to maintain the playpark and other recreational facilities long term."

The community has gained the support of elected officials, who have also contacted Clacks Council about the playpark.

Cllr Donald Balsillie, planning committee chair, said that he would be seeking clarification on the Section 75 after being contacted by concerned families.

He said: "In summary, I share residents' concerns that land identified as open space in and around Bards Way appears to have been auctioned and transferred/sold on for purposes yet to be revealed."

Keith Brown, MSP for Clackmannanshire and Dunblane, has written to Clackmannanshire Council asking what action they will take to protect the land.

And Green SMP Mark Ruskell has also made representations to the local authority on the matter.

Ruskell said: "The preservation of green space is vitally important when it comes to ensuring healthy, happy communities.

"This is true for people of all ages, but especially children who need access to outdoor play as part of their development.

"The local community are rightly worried about the potential erosion of their green spaces and the lack of clarity over the section 75 agreement is especially concerning.

"I'll continue to work with residents and support them in their efforts to protect their community."

A Clackmannanshire Council spokesperson said: "The council is aware of these open space concerns and has received enquiries from many residents of Bard's Way. Cross service work is ongoing within the council to address these."

Residents have said they have had productive meetings with Clackmannanshire Council about this issue.

The auction for the land is due to close on August 13.