A FLOODGATE was put to the test in Tillicoultry this Monday, providing volunteers with a valuable training opportunity.

Tillicoultry, Devonside and Coalsnaughton Flood Group (Tideco) tested the flood protection equipment at Sterling Furniture's car park on Monday, August 16.

The flood-, or watergates, were purchased by Clackmannanshire Council to help protect Hareburn Road, which flooded a year ago this month.

Gail Walker, co-ordinator at Tideco, has been practicing rolling out the equipment with the team, but Monday was an opportunity for a live test, thanks to help from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Also joining the event were representatives from the council, Scottish Flood Forum, SEPA, other flood groups from the Hillfoots and residents in Hareburn Road.

Gail said: "We basically watched it being blasted by water by the fire service, watched it fill up and essentially do its job, which is to trap and contain water away from homes and businesses."

The equipment worked like a charm and Gail was glad residents were able to come along.

Gail added: "We hope they went away with a measure of comfort, that there is something in place that is fairly robust and will help redirect water away from their homes."

She issued an extended thanks to all taking part, the fire service for making it possible, Sterling Furniture for allowing the use of the car park, the council for organising and everyone else involved.