THE group behind the transformation of Wimpy Park have thanked all who contributed for "making their dream a reality".

From Monday, August 23 until Friday, August 28, the BBC's Beechgrove Garden team were at Wimpy Park helping the Wimpy Park Community Group (WPCG) transform the park into a safe and welcoming place for all.

Also contributing were a number of groups including Clacks Council, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, local guides and gardeners from the NHS.

Fin Robertson, chair of the WPCG, told the Advertiser: "It was fantastic. Honestly, it's some transformation. We're blown away by the end result."

As well as the aforementioned groups, kind-hearted locals were coming down to help, putting in huge shifts or attending after finishing shifts at their own jobs.

Fin continued: "It was a lot of hard work throughout the week, some of the guys were putting in 14-hour shifts and a lot were coming to help after their own jobs had finished.

"The weather smiled on us all week, we had wall-to-wall sunshine from Monday to Friday. The turnouts we were getting were incredible."

More than a week after the BBC team left, the community have rallied to look after the park and make full use of the area.

Fin said: "The community's taken a lot more ownership. They're looking after it; it's well used.

"There's been 40-50 kids out playing football at night; you can see all the local communities coming in to admire the plants, trees and seating areas [too]."

Another major addition to the park is the accessibility for all. Fin said in the past anyone in a wheelchair or people with prams would struggle to access the park, but now it's accessible for all.

He continued: "Every time you pass someone in the park they're giving us a pat on the back and saying 'well done' and how we've done a fantastic job. It's been worthwhile and very, very rewarding."

The park now also has an amphitheatre, sensory garden and raised flower beds for better access. There are also two playable football pitches.

Speaking on behalf of everyone associated with the WPCG Fin said he can't thank everyone who volunteered enough.

He said: "We'd like to say thanks very much for making our dream a reality, the response has been incredible.

"We're forever in their debt. It's been phenomenal."